Get correct return status of ROS launch

asked 2020-05-11 06:20:06 -0500

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updated 2020-05-11 06:43:02 -0500

Context: I'm making a GUI to call roslaunch processes and alert the user if the ROSLaunch process fails. I create a subprocess and directly run roslaunch mypackage mylaunch.launch and set up a callback for its return code. If the launch fails, I want to get the correct returncode so the user can be informed about it straight-away.

Problem: If my ros node, ran with a launch file, returns with status 1. eg.

[cam_1-2] process has died [pid 7345, exit code 1, cmd ........ etc.

but it seems that roslaunch intercepts that return code and unconditionally returns 0.

$ echo $?

I see that this issue was raised before in 2016 and a feature request followed but I can't see if there was any conclusion so I wanted to see if there was still no conclusion to this in 2020?

In summary: How can I programmatically get the return code of the underlying launch process? Can I tell roslaunch to transparently passthrough the return code of the process it is wrapping?

I realise that I could grep the output of the launch with a regex to get the PID of the underlying node(s) and then poll rosnode._succeed(pid) to check if the node is still running but I'm really hoping that it won't come to that. Is there a better way?

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