Following a moving target with obstacle avoid. [closed]

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Hi all, I want my robot to follow a moving person, now I have tried two methods:

  1. I reuse the navigation module, and send the moving person's position to the goal topic. But this method got some bad performance which always sewing on both side. By the way, my local planning alg is TEB.
  2. Just publish cmd topic to /cmd according the moving target without any navigation or obstacle avoid, and got good following performace(But it's dangerous because of no local planning^_^). But I need obstacle avoid, now I have no idea to how to integrate obstracle avoid?

Does anyone have some suggestions for this problem? Thanks

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Have got an idea by myself.

pqLee gravatar image pqLee  ( 2021-02-04 02:09:57 -0500 )edit