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How to get KDL solver to solve for 6D, and not 3D only.

asked 2020-05-04 18:22:22 -0500

Pinknoise2077 gravatar image

Hi all,

I am trying to use KDL to calculate the inverse kinematics of a UR5 robot. I am using something like this

constexpr std::size_t num_joints = 6;
// initial guess of joint angles 
KDL::JntArray joints_init;
//[0] = -0.5;
//[1] = -M_PI / 2;
//[2] = -M_PI / 2;
//[4] = M_PI / 2;
//[5] = 0.3;

 * target robot pose of tool w.r.t.
KDL::Frame target_frame; // set desired end effector position

 * pose corresponding to [0, -PI/2, -PI/2, 0, PI/2, 0] according to TF
KDL::Vector pos;[0] = -0.675;[1] = 0.1110;[2] = 0.511;

// set desired end effector rotation
KDL::Rotation rot;
target_frame.p = pos;
target_frame.M = rot.RPY(-3.141, -1.568, -0.004);

KDL::JntArray joints_result;

std::cout << "Calling solver for IK!" << std::endl;
int status = ik_solver.CartToJnt(joints_init, target_frame, joints_result);

It seems that this works for the position only. I thought that the solver should solve for 6D also. Am I using this wrong? Does it only solve for position (3D) and not for the full pose(6D)?


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answered 2020-05-06 12:53:37 -0500

Nitesh_j gravatar image

In simple words 6d will have more flexibility on complex task and it will faster interms of calculating the position , velocity, I would suggest to go with ik fast from open rave ....or try the UR's Ur kinematics package to sort out the confusion

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Thanks for the answer. I've figured a much better solution after being disappointed with how KDL IK solver performed. My solution was to switch to the symbolic version of the IK by using the ur_kinematics ROS package from It now works like a charm, returns a max of 8 solutions, and always work.

Pinknoise2077 gravatar image Pinknoise2077  ( 2020-05-06 13:53:27 -0500 )edit

All the best

Nitesh_j gravatar image Nitesh_j  ( 2020-05-06 13:59:46 -0500 )edit

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