Test Script to Move Simulated UR Robot in Gazebo [closed]

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Hi, I'd like to run a Python script to have the Universal Robots arm constantly rotating in simulation (either in Gazebo or RViz, it doesn't matter). I'm using Universal_Robots_ROS_Driver and fmauch/universal_robot on Ubuntu 18.04. I thought trying to adapt the test_move.py script from fmauch/universal_robot would be a good way to do this. However, I haven't had any luck so far and am looking for help/guidance on what the best way to achieve this would be.

I've copied the test_move.py script from the fmauch/universal_robot package to the Universal_Robots_ROS_Driver package (so that it's now in both packages) to try to run it. I've also changed line 94 of test_move.py from 'follow_joint_trajectory' to 'scaled_pos_traj_controller/follow_joint_trajectory' because of this answer.

I've run the following commands:


roslaunch ur_gazebo ur5.launch

rosrun ur_robot_driver test_move.py

I get the output

Waiting for server...

and nothing happens after this.

My rqt_graph is as follows:


I'm guessing that my roslaunch command is incorrect and that I haven't specified the correct topic on which the client and server can communicate. However, I'm not sure how to fix either of these. I would really appreciate some help in order to get the arm moving in simulation. Thank you very much

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This reads like a duplicate of #q349894.

Please do not post duplicates.

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