Adding a camera in the end effector of tiago robot

asked 2020-03-26 12:15:23 -0600

Juliocas5 gravatar image

Hi, i'm triying to add a camera in the end effector of the robot because i want to do a visual servoing. Tiago robot already has a camera in his head but it is not useful in my case. So, i've had a look on the urdf files and a I saw that a camera is added on the head.urdf.xacro. Hence, I comment that call to the xacro xtion_pro_live because I don't need this camera. In order to add the camera in the end_effector.urdf.xacro I add the call to xacro xtion_pro_live. Then, when I launch my simulation, I can see the camera on rviz but I can't see it in Gazebo simulator. Also, the end_effector_camera is publishing in xtion/rgb/image_raw but the image is what the camera sees in rviz. Besides, it is something publishing in the topic too, because I can see the image of the Tiago's head camera. If someone know who to add a camera in the end_effector, not in the head, please I really aprecciate your help. Thanks.

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