How to use launch_testing for testing executables created by cpp ros2 nodes?

asked 2019-12-10 16:58:45 -0600

ros2user gravatar image

I am trying to explore ways to test ros2 nodes, and so far came across the following methods:


Objective to accomplish: - Is to launch "system under test" node - publish some data on "SUT" node inputs - subscribe to the outputs of "SUT" node - assert and verify "SUT" outputs. - assert if the "SUT" node launches, shuts down properly

I guess, this objective can be accomplished without the above-mentioned packages (launch_testing & launch_testing_ros), but looking for better suggestions.

Also, where can find examples to test cpp ros2 nodes using these launch_testing or launch_testing_ros.

Environment: Ros2 Eloquent, Ubuntu 18.04

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