Asctec Pelican white screen ? no video signal [closed]

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Hi all,

yesterday I tried to set up the wireless for the Pelican and suddenly the system went down. After rebooting the connected display is just plain white. But the System boots correctly (can use system via ssh). Is the Display-port broken or is it a configuration failure? I can't get where the failure is. I just wanted to start this script and then the battery died.

ifconfig $iface down
iwconfig $iface mode Managed
ifconfig $iface up
killall wpa_supplicant
wpa_supplicant -B -Dwext -i $iface -c ./wireless-wpa.conf -dd
dhclient $iface

which should not have any influence on the display/screen.

Sorry for posting a non ROS question in this forum but I'm really desperate and hope to get some help from the Asctec Users in this forum.


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