Change transform of RViz MoveIt InteractiveMarker at runtime

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I have a robot manipulator with a gripper attached at flange, tool zero frame tool0 and two user eefs named eef_fish_fingers and eef_simple_grip.

In MoveIt this the interactive marker is per default visualized at the tool_tip frame which I set to tool0 for now. To improve the user experience, I want to be able to change this frame at runtime, so that the user effectively can switch between the eefs and tool0.

Is there a way to modify the tool_tip link in the RViz visualization or to modify the transform between the configured tool_tip link (I would introduce a tool_visual link) and the robots flange link?

Here is how the RViz visual looks like with tool0 selected. image description

Snippet from the SRDF

<group name="manipulator">
  <chain base_link="borunte_stand_link" tip_link="tool0" />

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