Existing ROS support for ground robot swarming and formation control?

asked 2019-10-01 19:25:23 -0500

PG_GrantDare gravatar image

Hi Everyone,

I'm looking at a project for swarming and formation control for a series of husky-like ground robots. I am wondering what existing support (open source projects/packages) there is for this sort of task. I have read some research papers around the area (admittedly most are for drones, however, adapting the kinematic model and specifying no z manipulation could work) but most of the good papers don't have open source code to look at.

I'm interested in hearing if others have also attempted this (not on a dot model) and if there is any open source support for such a project?

I am also looking at ROS2 for the peer-to-peer nature and have come across the term distributed consensus which I am not sure I understand the interaction of yet. Could anyone point me down the right path for this? :)

Thank you all in advance for support. I understand the question is rather broad and more of an information grab than a support question but I hope a good discussion can be formed.

Thanks, Grant

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