Device Resource Busy

asked 2019-09-14 07:50:53 -0500

rutujaharidas gravatar image

Hi, I have connected usb Logitech Camera with Raspberry Pi 3 B. I am using usb_cam node of ROS Kinetic.It works fine when I use the command rosrun usb_cam usb_cam_node with no error. But when I try to view the usb_cam connected on Raspberry Pi on Remote PC through ssh with image_view package it shows the following error Device Resource Busy and the usb_cam node gets terminated. The usb_cam node works really fine but as soon as I view the image by using either rqt or rqt_image_view the window opens it shows the image for 1-2 secs and the node gets terminated. I will be really grateful if you guide me with a solution for this.

Raspberry Pi 3 B OS : Ubuntu Mate ROS Kinetic version.

Thanks & Regards, Rutuja Haridas

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