Interactive marker 'EE:goal_gripper_link_ee' contains unnormalized quaternions. This warning will only be output once but may be true for others

asked 2019-07-26 12:24:31 -0600

KukaUser91 gravatar image

ros-kinetic-moveit is already the newest version (0.9.17-1xenial-20190710-003134+0000). rviz is also in the newest version. 1.12.17.

The warning crashes the program and doesn't process any of the code. The code was working fine till (i suspect) rviz or moveit got updated.

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Are you sure it's the warning that triggers the segfault? At first glance this seems unlikely. I expect the program that crashes is RViz? Could you run gdb -ex run rviz and provide a stacktrace (bt)?

There were a lot of changes around these parts of the code base not too long ago, so this can have a number of reasons.

Also, you did not describe at all how you triggered the bug (and using what MoveIt configuration).

v4hn gravatar image v4hn  ( 2019-07-29 03:23:22 -0600 )edit