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Resources not found in my_detection.launch file: range fusion, dummy track, obj_reproj, obj_fusion.

asked 2019-07-11 09:42:24 -0500

hdossaji94 gravatar image

updated 2019-07-11 09:42:42 -0500

In my my_detection.launch file [in autoware-data repository to use with lgsvl, San Francisco in /shared_dir/autoware-data/my_launch_sf_map/my_detection.launch] , the file looks for several different packages such as range_fusion, vision_dummy_track, obj_reproj, and obj_fusion. These packages do not exist in the 1.12.0 release of autoware and so we are trying to link the right packages. We realize range_fusion could be renamed to range_vision_fusion and vision_dummy_track could be renamed to vision_beyond_track. However we are very confused to what the packages for obj_reproj and obj_fusion could be renamed to or placed.

Thank you

Ubuntu 16.04 Kinetic

Autoware 1.12.0

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2 Answers

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answered 2019-07-16 02:00:02 -0500

Masaya Kataoka gravatar image

Hi, nodes such as range fusion, obj_reproj etc.. was obsoluted. So, we cannot use my_detection.launch in Autoware 1.12.0

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answered 2019-07-31 04:25:09 -0500

sgermanserrano gravatar image
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