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Some tutorial pages missing

asked 2019-06-28 14:31:00 -0500

jassca gravatar image

The tutorial pages for the apriltags2_ros package seem to be missing. The link to them on this page is dead:

And google searching for "apriltag continuous detection tutorial" the first result shows that the tutorials clearly existed as recently as last year. However google doesn't have a cached save of the page

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1 Answer

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answered 2019-06-30 23:08:01 -0500

jayess gravatar image

updated 2020-12-20 00:03:00 -0500

It turns out that the package was renamed from apriltags2_ros to apriltag_ros and that the link to the tutorials wasn't updated. I've updated the link and it now works. (The link on the sidebar to the right did work, however).

The specific tutorial that you were looking for, I believe, is the Detection in a Video Stream tutorial.

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In the future, if you notice something in the wiki is incorrect and you know the correct information feel free update it yourself.

jayess gravatar image jayess  ( 2019-06-30 23:09:03 -0500 )edit

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