How to write urdf link with two parents for accruate simulation?

asked 2019-06-22 06:09:25 -0500

NicolayP gravatar image

Hello, I'm currently building my own robotic arm in my spare time. An illustrated version of the arm can be found in my git repo:

As one can see, the arm is composed of two parallel 'sides'. My question is therefor the following: as I have access to every single sdf (illustrated with different colors in the pdf file), I was asking myself, what is the best way to create an associated urdf file given that some links should have two parents (which I found to be not supported by urdf specification, let me know if I'm wrong) . As I plan to train some RL algorithm for the arm, I need a good simulation environment. Right now, the current version of the urdf file can be found at However, the end effector is behaving in a weird way as every element isn't correctly attached.

To spawn model in gazbo : roslaunch jb2a_driver spawn_gazebo.launch

P.S: This is not a recruitment message, but anyone willing to spend time and a from scratch robotic project is welcomed.

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