Which hand eye calibration method is the most popular?

asked 2019-04-25 01:52:29 -0500

Hello, I spent some time looking for Implementations, that solve the Hand-Eye-Problem AX=XB. There are several repositories such as:

Is there a common and most used implementation? Which algorithm is state of the are and offers the best results? Where is its implementation?

Thanks for some hints


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have you found out which is the best?

nd gravatar imagend ( 2019-06-06 08:38:16 -0500 )edit

Apparently the handeye_calib_camodocal package is base on this paper leads to the most robust results.

I would love to have a python implementation of that algroithm, but have not found any implementations yet.

nmelchert gravatar imagenmelchert ( 2019-06-06 09:21:17 -0500 )edit