RViz and Robot movement lagging

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Hey guys, I am currently working on a 6DOF Robot arm and try to make it move in Cartesian linear paths. I created a URDF and was able to implement everything needed for communication on the Arduino Uno. The Arduino is able to receive the /joint_states and execute them. So far so good. But here comes the part where I cannot make any progress since 2 weeks. The Visualization inside of RViz and the Robot arm itself are lagging. (just like in the question here https://answers.ros.org/question/3077... ). I tried increasing the frequency for /joint_state updates inside the launch file, but the Arduino stops responding after 50 Hz and 50 Hz don't seem to affect any of the problem (or at least not visibly).

I also tried the uniform smoothing filter but it only affected the preview of the movement and not the movement itself. So the movement in RViz and the Real system have lagging movements after applying the filter.

Some "specs"

6DOF - Servo Robot Arm Arduino Uno

Hope somebody is able to tell me how I can increase the robot update rate inside RViz and this way (probably) also the movement of the real system.

Thank you in advance

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