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Asynchronous message filter does not subscribe to remapped nodelet topics

asked 2019-03-27 09:37:08 -0500

jgallostra gravatar image

updated 2019-03-27 09:38:33 -0500

I'm using a custom made package that uses nodelets for RGBD image processing. The end of the processing pipeline is a nodelet called ObjectRecognitionNodelet, which publishes to the topic /camX/object_rec/output_objects (where camX is either cam1, cam2 or cam3, as I launch three processing pipelines).

My goal is to create a node that subscribes to the three output topics and processes the objects' data. For that I wrote a DispatcherNode that uses the message_filters package for synchronizing the messages of the three topics. However, when I run the node it goes through the code but does not subscribe to anything. Below are the relevant code excerpts to understand the question. Am I missing something?

ObjectRecognitionNode - publisher (wrapped by a Nodelet class to launch it as a nodelet)

ObjectRecognitionNode::ObjectRecognitionNode(ros::NodeHandle nh,
                        ros::NodeHandle private_nh)
    this->nh_ = nh;
    this->private_nh_ = private_nh;
    this->private_nh_.getParam("cam_name", this->cam_);
    this->node_topic_ns_ = "/" + this->cam_ + "/object_rec";

    this->objects_publisher_ = this->nh_.advertise<scene_msgs::ObjectArray>(this->node_topic_ns_ + "/output_objects", 5);

output from rostopic list | grep object_rec


DispatcherNode - subscriber


#include <message_filters/subscriber.h>
#include <message_filters/time_synchronizer.h>
#include <message_filters/sync_policies/approximate_time.h>
namespace objrecog_dispatcher
class DispatcherNode
        DispatcherNode(ros::NodeHandle nh,
                ros::NodeHandle private_nh);
        typedef message_filters::sync_policies::ApproximateTime<scene_msgs::ObjectArray, scene_msgs::ObjectArray, scene_msgs::ObjectArray> MyApproxSyncPolicy;
        inputCallback(const scene_msgs::ObjectArray::ConstPtr & cam1_objects,
                const scene_msgs::ObjectArray::ConstPtr & cam2_objects,
                const scene_msgs::ObjectArray::ConstPtr & cam3_objects);
        std::string node_topic_ns_;
        ros::NodeHandle nh_;
        ros::NodeHandle private_nh_;
        message_filters::Synchronizer<MyApproxSyncPolicy> * synchronizer_;
        message_filters::Subscriber<scene_msgs::ObjectArray> cam1_objects_subscriber_;
        message_filters::Subscriber<scene_msgs::ObjectArray> cam2_objects_subscriber_;
        message_filters::Subscriber<scene_msgs::ObjectArray> cam3_objects_subscriber_;
}; // class DispatcherNode
} // namespace objrecog_dispatcher


namespace objrecog_dispatcher
DispatcherNode::DispatcherNode(ros::NodeHandle nh,
                ros::NodeHandle private_nh)
    this->nh_ = nh;
    this->private_nh_ = private_nh;
    this->node_topic_ns_ = "dispatcher";
    ROS_INFO("Dispatcher created");


    // Subscribe
    this->cam1_objects_subscriber_.subscribe(this->nh_, this->node_topic_ns_ + "/input_objects_cam1", 5);
    this->cam2_objects_subscriber_.subscribe(this->nh_, this->node_topic_ns_ + "/input_objects_cam2", 5);
    this->cam3_objects_subscriber_.subscribe(this->nh_, this->node_topic_ns_ + "/input_objects_cam3", 5);
    // Initialize synchronizer
    this->synchronizer_ = new message_filters::Synchronizer<MyApproxSyncPolicy>(MyApproxSyncPolicy(5), this->cam1_objects_subscriber_, this->cam2_objects_subscriber_, this->cam3_objects_subscriber_);
    this->synchronizer_->registerCallback(boost::bind(&DispatcherNode::inputCallback, this, _1, _2, _3));
    ROS_INFO("Dispatcher subscribed");
} // namespace objrecog_dispatcher

main(int argc, char** argv)
    ros::init(argc, argv, "DispatcherNode");
    ros::NodeHandle nh;
    ros::NodeHandle p_nh("~");
    objrecog_dispatcher::DispatcherNode(nh, p_nh);
    ros::Rate loop_rate(15);
    while (ros::ok())
    return 0;


  <arg name="use_machine"       default="true"/>
  <arg name="machine"           default="localhost"/>

  <machine name="localhost" address="localhost" if="$(arg use_machine)"/>

  <!-- Dispatcher Node -->
  <node pkg="objrecog_dispatcher" type="DispatcherNode" name="DispatcherNode" machine="$(arg machine)" output="screen">
    <remap from="dispatcher/input_objects_cam1" to="cam1/object_rec/output_objects"/>
    <remap from="dispatcher/input_objects_cam2" to="cam2/object_rec/output_objects"/>
    <remap from="dispatcher/input_objects_cam3" to="cam3/object_rec/output_objects"/>

Output from rosnode info DispatcherNode

Node [/DispatcherNode]
 * /objrecog_dispatcher/parameter_descriptions [dynamic_reconfigure/ConfigDescription]
 * /objrecog_dispatcher/parameter_updates [dynamic_reconfigure/Config]
 * /rosout [rosgraph_msgs/Log ...
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1 Answer

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answered 2019-03-27 10:36:46 -0500

ahendrix gravatar image

In your main, your dispatcher node is a temporary object, so it is created and then immediately destroyed:

objrecog_dispatcher::DispatcherNode(nh, p_nh);

Instead, you need to keep the DispatcherNode in a variable:

objrecog_dispatcher::DispatcherNode dispatcher_node(nh, p_nh);
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That is indeed the way to fix it - such a stupid error! Thanks for reading through all the code.

jgallostra gravatar image jgallostra  ( 2019-03-27 10:48:36 -0500 )edit

Just one thing I wonder now, how come in the faulty version the DispatcherNode appeared when calling rostopic list and I could call rosnode info DispatcherNode? Ok, it was a temporary object, but apparently ROS kept some information about the node. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that it creates a dynamic reconfigure server, or maybe it wasn't destroyed at all?

jgallostra gravatar image jgallostra  ( 2019-03-27 10:51:00 -0500 )edit

The ROS node is not the DispatcherNode C++ object. The ROS node is the program, and it starts being a ROS node when you call ros::init(argc, argv, "DispatcherNode");, and continues to be a ROS node until the last NodeHandle is destroyed or ros::shutdown() is called.

ahendrix gravatar image ahendrix  ( 2019-03-27 11:05:12 -0500 )edit

Ok, thanks a lot!

jgallostra gravatar image jgallostra  ( 2019-03-27 11:14:39 -0500 )edit

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