Modify Pose Position on different Turtlebots

asked 2019-03-18 23:05:21 -0600

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I am trying to place multiple robots (turtlebots) in to a known location that is bounded by a barrier, in this case it is a square. I would like each of the robots to be on the same coordinate system as the other, which I would like to initialize via another node (aka, my laptop). So for example, the idea would be to have the robot in the lower left corner be at position (0,0) and the upper right say would be (5,5).

I would like to place a robot in each corner and have them with the pose information of (0,0), (5,0), (5,5), (0,5). I realize there is some error potential but I am going to ignore that for the time being. I know I can do this in Gazebo for example, by setting the Pose with the launch file, but how would I do that on a real turtlebot? Could I do the same launch parameter? Is there a way that I can do that via the master node, or my laptop, to assign the node its coordinates through a published message to that node and the robot would update the Pose information?

Thanks in advance or any assistance. -KS

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