Full Coverage Path Planning on Unknown Map or Environment

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I'm trying to develop a robot project on Turtlebot3. I'm using LiDAR to mapping and localization problems. There are some ros packages and open source projects about it. For mapping, I have test gmapping and nav2d. Also, I analyzed the autopnp project, especially room segmentation and room exploration. This project can create coverage path plannning, but not all area on known maps using some algorithms (genetic algorithm etc.) to solve Traveler Salesman Problem.

I can create a map with using gmapping and nav2d on world in gazebo. I could give a goal using rviz. And, I can create a path planning to coverage on a known map with Autopnp. Autopnp/ipa_room_exploration could create path, but unfortunately not all area. Autopnp/ipa_room_segmentation could segments rooms in maps.

So, is there any package or project do you know how can I create coverage path planning with ROS? Or How can I develop it?

Also, Is there any package create a coverage path planning on UNKNOWN MAP / WORLD / ENVIRONMENT?

Thank you!

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