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error when running rosdep update

asked 2019-02-19 15:33:23 -0500

WeiHuang gravatar image

updated 2019-02-20 02:40:02 -0500

gvdhoorn gravatar image

Version Information:

ubuntu 16.04 ros Kinetic python-rosdep: Installed: 0.15.0-1 Candidate: 0.15.0-1 rosdep --version 0.15.0


ERROR: Not all sources were able to be updated.
ERROR: unable to process source []:
    Failed to download target platform data for gbpdistro:
    HTTP Error 503: Backend unavailable, connection timeout
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1 Answer

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answered 2019-02-19 16:15:43 -0500

tfoote gravatar image

There's a pull request in flight to resolve this.

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Asked: 2019-02-19 15:33:23 -0500

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