trajectory cost on base local planner

asked 2019-02-17 13:53:28 -0500 gravatar image

So i have been digging through the code of base local planner trying to understand how the robots plans its trajectories.

What i found was, as its stated in the API documentation the cost function that assigns a cost to each cell. This cost is calculated by weighting the costmap value of of that cell plus the distance to the goal(goal_dist) and the global plan (path_dist) located on TrajectoryPlanner::generateTrajectory.

However i'm a bit confused of how path_dist and goal_dist are calculated and what do they mean exactly (I'm assuming its the least distance from the cell to the global plan and to the global goal).

Also, from the source code i have the idea that this values are updated for each sim_time but the cost only uses the last iteration of this values. Shouldn't it take in to account the goal_dist and path_dist of all the simulated cells?

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