Move Group Python Interface: No motion plan found

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I have attempted to move the end effector of my robot in rviz using the Move Group Python Interface. I am using the set_position_target function. The desired position is reachable, which I checked using get_current_pose. When the code is run, the following message appears:

ABORTED: No motion plan found. No execution attempted.

I have tried KDL Kinematics, as well as SRV and TracIK and have also tried extending the time that can be taken to generate a solution using set_planning_time. The rviz console displays the following:

[ERROR] [1547198381.394090262]: RRTConnect: Unable to sample any valid states for goal tree
[ INFO] [1547198381.394151779]: RRTConnect: Created 1 states (1 start + 0 goal)
[ INFO] [1547198381.394183617]: No solution found after 5.009418 seconds
[ INFO] [1547198381.406033807]: Unable to solve the planning problem

Below is the code with the problem, adapted from the moveit tutorials on the move group python interface.

  def go_to_pose_goal(self):
    move_group = self.move_group

    print move_group.get_current_pose() #To get a valid position
    pose_goal = move_group.set_position_target([-0.1386958844, -6.6113546568e-05, 0.126213304801])

    plan = move_group.go(wait=True)


    current_pose = self.move_group.get_current_pose().pose
    return all_close(pose_goal, current_pose, 0.01)
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Without seeing some code showing how you use set_position_target(..) this is going to be difficult to answer.

Edit: it would also be good to mention ros-planning/moveit#1302.

gvdhoorn gravatar image gvdhoorn  ( 2019-01-11 03:52:38 -0500 )edit

I have added the code at the bottom of the question. The github post suggested that this was a better place to ask the question.

kg98 gravatar image kg98  ( 2019-01-11 05:51:17 -0500 )edit

Have you found an answer yet? I am currently facing the same issue.

toonvdm gravatar image toonvdm  ( 2019-09-23 09:22:01 -0500 )edit