Can someone tell me few models of ready-tofly quadcopter other than erle copter and dji matrix 100 that come in around 1000$, the quadcopter must be compatible for ROS, if some package is there for testing then please mention that too?

asked 2019-01-03 02:12:06 -0500

ranjeet gravatar image

I am looking for some quadcopter model that is ready to fly, is compatible with ROS platform for development, and it must be suitable for developer, like implementing, codes and algorithms etc. Can, someone tell me few model except erle copter, and few dji models like M100, M200 (these are much costly). If price is around 1000$, then that would be much appreciated.

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I need something information about control the DJI Spark using ROS. Do you know any material that approach this?

RicardoGB gravatar image RicardoGB  ( 2019-01-09 07:16:32 -0500 )edit