rosserial_tivac on TM4C1294XL - CCS

asked 2018-12-26 04:28:22 -0500

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I'm trying my first steps using ROS on TM4C1294XL using the chatter tutorial on . Compilation and download for chatter129 are working fine, and the LED1 is also blinking on the target.

Problem1: Unfortunately the chatter does not publish it's service. Note that I have checked the settings for Baudrate.

Problem 2: Debugging with Code Composer Studio (CCS) To start analyzing the problem 1 I tried to debug the application with CCS 7, but actually I can just do it on assembly level as in debug mode I only see "No source available for 0xd14" in the source window. I have added the -g option in CMakeLists.txt but without improvement.

Do you know a solution for Problem 1 or do you have some some hints for debugging this application with CCS (Problem 2)? Any help is welcome...

Kind regards Roland

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