Multiple instances of same node share bandwidth [closed]

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I have 2 sensors of the same type that are connected to the PC via USB. I have written a node to receive data from the sensor and publish at a rate of 50Hz. I can launch 2 instances of the node (passing the corresponding USB port) and remap the output of the node to have 2 different topics.

Well, when I do this the publishing rate of both topics seem to share the node rate of 50Hz (i.e. if one of the topics is published at 40Hz the other is published at 10Hz). I have also tried to compile two different nodes using a copy of the cpp and h files (changing the topic name in the code). When I launch these 2 nodes both topics are published at 50Hz. I think this is the wrong way to go about it as it will lead to maintaining issues down the line.

Have any of you experienced something like this?


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