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Hey gang,

Last night I went through the Ubuntu "build from source" instructions for ros-full (although it might be possible I accidentally did the ros-base?) to install ROS onto a Pandaboard ES running Ubuntu 11.10. Everything seemed to go fine (No errors listed during the build process.)

Today I've been going through the tutorials, and when I got to the turtlesim example, I've come to realize a couple things:

1) the install process put ros into my /home/myaccount/ros, rather than in /opt...

2) it didn't seem to make a stacks directory anywhere in there.

3) I'm missing all of ros_tutorials


1) - I can live with this since it's a single user setup

2) - I'm not sure if it's a problem or not. I did create a ~/ros_workspace and add that into the $ROS_PACKAGE_PATH in the /home/myaccount/ros/setup.bash.

3) - How do I get the tutorials (and anything else that might be missing between ros-base and ros-full) installed???

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