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We have a whole bunch of packages with CMakeLists.txt that share code like

set(project_cxx_flags -Wall)
set(project_cuda_flags -gencode arch=compute_61,code=compute61 -gencode ..62 -gencode ..52)

Along with other code for doing stuff on either x64 or arm64 (we also should only build CUDA 6.2 on ARM, 5.2 on x64, etc) that really should be made common.

Reading the documentation for find_package() it seems it should be possible to create a new package inside our main project and then use:


To load up common_stuffConfig.cmake.

NOTE: I know I could use CMAKE_MODULE_PATH but I would have to reconfigure a good number of machines, so I want a solution that uses the existing code tree.

My current directory structure looks like

    +--various files...
    +--various files...
    +--CmakeLists.txt (empty file)

So, currently I do this:

find_package(common_stuff REQUIRED MODULE)
# or
find_package(common_stuff REQUIRED)

This fails with the error:

No "Findcommon_stuff_build.cmake" found in CMAKE_MODULE_PATH.
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