rosserial tivac tutorials rgb srv

asked 2018-10-14 14:44:09 -0600

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I am following the tutorial on

I am sure that my tool chain works, as I am able to run the tutorial on with success.

For the rgv srv, I get no errors, and able to flash my Tiva-C board with:

~/catkin_ws$ catkin_make rosserial_tivac_tutorials_rgb_srv_flash

however, as I run rosserial node, I get the following error:

as a result rosserial is unable to register the service.

I have googled errors on similar subjects, and most people had problems with generating the messages, I have succeeded in this part, and the program compiles and is sent to the tiva-c successfully.

I am suspecting rosserial needs the generated messages in python as well in order to operate.

Any ideas/recomendations/help are greatly apreciated.

Best Regards, -C.

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