RViz Orbit set different rotation axis

asked 2018-08-28 09:21:45 -0500

Christian Rauch gravatar image

I am using the Orbit view in RViz with a target frame (world_frame) that is different than my global fixed frame (camera_rgb_optical_frame): image description

When moving the mouse, I want the view to rotate around the Z-Axis of the target frame (world_frame) at its origin. However, the Orbit view is using the global frame's (camera_rgb_optical_frame) Z-Axis, which more or less has the same direction as the target frame's Y-Axis. This is also indicated by the yellow disc at the target frame.

How do I change the orientation of this disc, i.e. how can I make the Orbit view to use the Z-Direction of the target frame instead of the Z-Direction of the global frame?

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