image_view/disparity freezes

asked 2018-08-23 07:54:36 -0500

mherrmann gravatar image

I have a stereo_msgs/DisparityImage streamed on /disparity and a rectified sensor_msgs/Image on /rect_image. One is visualized via image_view/image nodelet, the other via image_view/disparity nodelet. This works fine.

But if I add the stereo_image_proc/point_cloud2 nodelet, which uses the same inputs, and subscribe to the points2 topic, the image_view/disparity nodelet freezes. This happens independently of the node which subscribes to /points2, even rostopic echo /points2 leads to the described behavior.

Does anybody know, why this happens? There is no warning or error message.

P.S. I start all nodes from one launch file and use two nodelet manager, since the image_view/disparity suddenly freezes with the first image, if I start with a common nodelet manager, independently of any other nodes.

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