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Can rviz visualize custom msgs?

asked 2018-07-23 10:09:04 -0500

KyleUVA gravatar image

I'm running ros indigo. I have a topic publishing a customized ros msgs which includes sensor data and the position information. For example, I have the temperature data regarding the position data, how to have something maybe like a 3D plot to visualize the data in rviz?

Thank you so very much for any kind of help!

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1 Answer

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answered 2018-07-23 11:05:30 -0500

gvdhoorn gravatar image

In general the answer would be: no, not without you writing an RViz plugin for your custom message.

For example, I have the temperature data regarding the position data [..]

In this example though: sensor_msgs/Temperature includes a header field, which includes a frame_id field. If you set that to the name of a TF frame and the TF frame origin (ie: its current position) corresponds to the 'position data' that you mention, then I believe the Temperature display should be able to visualise it 'in place'.

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Thank you gvdhoorn! Moving TF frame is not what I want. I would like to start with create a rviz plugin for my custom msgs. I've checked many tutorial or blogs about it in c++ but I'm still confused. Do you have recommended resources? BTW, do you know if I can write a plugin in python or not?

KyleUVA gravatar image KyleUVA  ( 2018-07-26 14:00:09 -0500 )edit

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