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How do you add new frames to the tf tree of a Jackal robot?

asked 2018-07-16 04:16:25 -0500

dkrivet gravatar image

I have a Jackal robot that is running ubuntu 14.04 with ROS indigo installed. I have attached a Hokuyo UTM 30lx laser to the jackal robot so I am trying to modify the jackal.urdf.xacro file to include the hokuyo laser so I can use the laser scans to do gmapping. I have got the system working in simulation, I was able to add the hokuyo laser to the jackal in gazebo and use the scans to do autonomous navigation. When I have copied over the jackal.urdf.xacro file onto the real robot, I am unable to see the hokuyo_base_link and the front_laser (hokuyo laser) link in the tf tree, and thus when I visualize the robot in Rviz I get an error on LaserScan saying: "Transform [sender=unknown_publisher] for frame [front_laser]: frame [front_laser] does not exist." I can attach my jackal.urdf.xacro file if needed. Please could someone help me and explain how I need to modify my files to get the hokuyo laser working on the real robot? Thank you very much.

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I think it would be helpful to see your xacro file (and anything else related to generating your tf tree, e.g. if you're publishing any static transforms).

adamconkey gravatar image adamconkey  ( 2018-07-16 20:13:53 -0500 )edit

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answered 2018-07-30 10:09:26 -0500

bmastay gravatar image

Assuming your new urdf file does indeed define the frames, you need to reload the robot_description parameter and relaunch the robot_state_publisher in order for any changes you've made to the urdf to take effect. On the Jackal you could do this with

rosnode kill robot_state_publisher && roslaunch jackal_description description.launch

Alternatively you could just restart ROS or the robot itself.

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