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Current Position topic? (frontier_exploration)

asked 2018-06-29 11:07:35 -0500

AmateurHour gravatar image

Hello! I am running a Turtlebot3 with ROS on Ubuntu v16.02, and using the package frontier_exploration. I would like to use the bot's current position as a condition in my python script, so my plan is to subscribe to the topic and proceed from there. However, I cant seem to find the topic to which the current position is being published. Without this, I'm not sure how to tell the bot to stop once it is within a certain distance of it's origin position (0, 0, 0). Any help with this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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answered 2018-06-29 13:07:03 -0500

Frontier Exploration itself is not going to give you a pose estimate, but there are a number of other tools to help you, including TF!

You can create a TF listener to get the map -> robot base frame transform. If you care about it in bash, there's a rosrun that will help you as well with tf echo. rosrun tf tf_echo /map /base_link

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