3D Mapping with pixhawk odometry, and UTM-30LX lidar.

asked 2018-06-22 06:24:38 -0500

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Hi there,

I am currently trying to work out an approach to the problem mentioned in the title. I have a hexacopter UAV which will be equipped with UTM-30LX lidar. Idea is to get points cloud (preferably visualised in rviz), showing the environment scanned during the flight.

I have set up the lidar and system on my RPi, urg_node receives the points nicely, however I have no idea how to approach creating the 3D map of the environment. I did not find sources about scraping position and angles from Pixhawk. I have read about the hector_mapping node, however I've seen that it works without odometry, and for low speeds. I am looking for a package which allows the 3d mapping done while flying with some 3-5m/s with assistance of the on board IMU.

I have also looked onto OctoMap, which looks a bit more promising than hector_mappign, however did not find info about using IMU-based position and angles data.

Any suggestions would be gladly welcome ^^

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