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where is indigo rqt source

asked 2018-04-27 21:51:33 -0500

frodyteen gravatar image

updated 2018-04-27 21:56:53 -0500

Hi, I am using ubuntu 14.04 and indigo devel. I am trying to build rqt from the source and on the github [link], it doesn't have indigo branch, so where can I download the rqt for indigo from the source?(

Also, I noticed there are a lot of package source does not have an indigo branch, such as rqt and qt_gui_core, etc. So, what should I do if I need the indigo source files?

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answered 2018-04-27 22:16:14 -0500

Dirk Thomas gravatar image

Repositories might not have branches for each an every ROS version. Sometimes the same code is being used for different ROS distributions and then only a single branch (commonly with the name of the older ROS distro) exists.

You can find the information you are looking for by look into the rosdistro database. In the Indigo distribution file you will find an entry for rqt which specifies the URL and branch name to be used in that ROS distro:

So the branch you are looking for is groovy-devel:

    type: git
    version: groovy-devel
    - rqt
    - rqt_gui
    - rqt_gui_cpp
    - rqt_gui_py
    - rqt_py_common
      release: release/indigo/{package}/{version}
    version: 0.4.8-0
    type: git
    version: groovy-devel
  status: maintained

As an alternative you could also use rosinstall_generator to fetch the information for you:

rosinstall_generator --rosdistro indigo rqt --upstream-development

- git:
    local-name: rqt
    version: groovy-devel
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Thank you!

frodyteen gravatar image frodyteen  ( 2018-04-28 01:31:22 -0500 )edit

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