How to attach my lidar to a robot at an angle in gazebo? [closed]

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In gazebo, is there an easy way to attach my lidar model to an existing robot? What do I do if I need to attach the lidar at an angle? I followed this tutorial ( ) to build my lidar model. I tried changing the pose of my revolute to be at an angle, but can't seem to be able to make the lidar turn say tilted at 30 degrees. Instead, when I change the pose, the axis is off-center. Alternatively, I tried to use the magnet in gazebo to snap my lidar to a robot. I have seen videos of people having their lidars at an angle, so there must be a way to do this. Can you recommend an approach to this?

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This appears to be a Gazebo only question, as it's about SDF and the tutorial you link does not include any ROS integration.

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If you do, please post back here with a link to your Gazebo Answers question to keep things connected.

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