Turtlebot2 with Gmapping;How do I let the position jump to the position I want

asked 2018-01-21 02:18:20 -0600

Liuche gravatar image

updated 2018-01-21 05:03:27 -0600

As we all know.

Gmapping uses /odom and /scan information to create a map.

But when the robot is walking.

It will encounter some pits causing odom error.

Because the odom error, robot's position will drift.

So I want to send the real position to robot,

Whenever the robot go through somewhere,

Then It could let the robot (odom) position can be fix,

so the map will get better.

But I don't know how to do to change the odom's subscriber, when I send a new position, it always covered by the other publisher.

Is there someone tried to make this Before?

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