Need Help with Implementation of Linear Quadratic Guassian for Trajectory Following [closed]

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Hi, So I am planning a project where I would like to do position estimation and velocity estimation for a car in gazebo where the output from the gazebo model is IMU data from the vehicle. For this I would like to use a Kalman filter to estimate the unknown states such as velocity and position (or just position if velocity is the input), and then use this estimate to do feedback control using the linear quadratic regulator. I am planning to use the Kuka Youbot for this and have already added an IMU.

Things I need help with: 1. Modeling the car in state space 2. How to plan a trajectory in gazebo and make the car follow it. I have done robot movement through moveit! but am unsure how to extend this.

Any advice would be appreciated

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Although this is a robotics question it is not a ROS-related question. Perhaps you can get some help on . With so many questions on the site we try to keep them ROS-related.

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