Change intrinsic camera parameters of ZR300 camera

asked 2017-11-22 11:42:04 -0500

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Hi there,

I'm trying to calibrate a Intel Realsense ZR300 camera over ROS with the realsense_camera package.

I'm using the standard rgbd nodelet to publish the camera image topics. There are the image_raw streams of every camera. However, i would like to use the rectified images (e.g. /camera/ir/image_rect), which seem to be published via the image_proc package ( ). They use the raw images and the camera_info messages to eliminate distortion etc.

I managed to obtain optimal matrizes K, D, P, R for my camera via OpenCV, which are more precise that the factory presetted matrizes. My question is how can I update the camera with my new values. There is a ROS service called SetCameraInfo in the package sensor_msgs ( ) but it seems that the nodelet does not publish any useful services for that. I could also find no config file with the default matrizes which I could change at nodelet start.

Maybe I can set it somehow with this nodelet:

Since the ros package depends on librealsense, I've also looked in this direction and found this issue at github: . It's written there that you cannot change the intrisic parameters with librealsense. Is this also valid for the ros wrapper? I'm a little bit confused with all the different packages involved...

Any help is appreciated! I guess it is the same for Realsense ZR/SR/F/R camera, since they all depend on the same ROS package. If you need more information, just tell me.

Thanks a lot.

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