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Does SDF format not working with ROS ?

asked 2017-11-18 11:33:53 -0500

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I m at the beginning of simulation a robot. So Before start I made some research for start point. The biggest contradiction that I face up is: Should I start my design with SDF of URFD format. ( I want to use my design in Gazebo, rviz and ROS )

As I read from this article : SDF is a complete description for everything from the world level down to the robot level. And it has also some more advantages like easy adding and modify elements.

As I read from this article : it is described that difference between SDF & URFD is ; URDF works with the rest of the Robot Operating System (ROS) and SDF really only works with Gazebo.

So again the question on that point : -Does ROS not support the SDF format ?


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answered 2017-11-18 16:21:48 -0500

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ROS does not support the SDF format. Gazebo provides the gzsdf tool to translate from URDF to SDF. This article describes how to add Gazebo tags to an URDF file; gzsdf will pass these tags along in the final SDF.

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