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Hello everyone!!

Frst of all, sorry about my english, i´m it improving slowly.

I'm doing the final project of my university degree, in which I have to be able to control a robot arm. The communication between the computer and the engines of the robot is established through arduino program (library ax12.h) and with an arbotix card.

So far, I have managed to move the robot with my hands, and then the program makes the robot repeat the same sequence, but now what I want is to be able to control the torque, so that when it repeats the sequence, if I hold it or I push it, i want to stop the sequence few seconds, as a security.

My doubt is that I do not know how to get the feedback or the data of the moments, and make the subsequent control, so that when I want to stop it stops.

The robot arm has 4 motors, two MX-64 and another two MX-106, each one are conected to an alimentation of 12V.

Thank you very much!!

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@urko_18: I'm sorry about this, but right now your question is not ROS-related, and I have to close it.

With over 36000 questions here on ROS Answers, we try to say on-topic as much as possible, and generic questions about dynamixels are too broad.

If you feel this is ROS-related, then please ..

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.. update your question with the relevant details.

I can re-open it then.

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