How to solve the laser drift when use mecanum base for navigation

asked 2017-11-06 23:54:25 -0600

dong_ym gravatar image

I have use a meancum-wheel base for navigation, and I choose dwa_local_planner as the local_planner, amcl package for localization. I find a strange thing is : when the robot move in the x direction , the laser scan match the known map well. But when the robot move in the y direction , once the robot move a few meters , I find that the laser scan can't match the map, the laser scan has drift a lot, so the amcl package can't correct the false data.

By the way, I have calibrate the robot use the rbx1 calibrate tools, and I guess it maybe the ground has low friction, and I have do some experiments in the rough surface, but it also have the some problem. I wonder it may be the parameters of the amcl package did't config well, but I don't know to tune which parameters. Have somebody have the similar problem, and how to solve it.

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