Swapping Workstations for Turtlebot

asked 2017-10-17 12:49:19 -0500

Cullen Dubbs gravatar image

I currently have windows computer running Matlab that i use to control the Turtlebot remotely. It works just fine and i have had virtually zero issues. We have about 6 other laptops configured the exact same way as the one i use.

When I try to use a different laptop, I am unable to send any commands to the Turtlebot. I receive scan data from the camera but the velocity commands do nothing.

As far as i can tell i do not specify the ip address of the workstation anywhere so i am unsure why the workstation i currently use works just fine but the other laptops dont work at all.

Any advice would be wonderful!

I am running Ubuntu 14.04.2 Indigo.

all the packages i need for matlab are installed on all laptops.

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Is this any different from your other question? If so, can you please update it with more info so as to differentiate it from the other one?

jayess gravatar image jayess  ( 2017-10-17 13:43:22 -0500 )edit

Thats a good point...it might be the same issue. Whoops!

Cullen Dubbs gravatar image Cullen Dubbs  ( 2017-10-18 11:53:22 -0500 )edit