initializing powercubes not successful. error: Could not reset module # during init.

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I am trying to make PW70 V6 work on ROS using this( ) package.

I could be able to build this package, but I cannot initialize PW70.

First of all, I changed the config/ptu_driver.yaml file for my CAN setting and module ids as below.

can_baudrate: 500 (I guess this means 500k, right?)

can_device: can0

can_module: SOCKETCAN


modul_ids: [13, 14]


Then, I ran robot.launch and dashboard.launch and clicked the 'init' button on the dashboard.

Then it shows the error like this.

[ INFO] [1507700589.955168930]: ...initializing powercubes not successful. error: Could not reset module 13 during init. Errorcode during reset: 1 Try to init once more.

Does anybody know how to resolve this problem?

I am using IXXAT CAN module and running ROS indigo.

The unit works when I manually send a CAN message using cansend, but I want to operate PW70 on ROS using this package.

Thanks in advance, Hanjun

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Hello, did you have any success with this? I am trying to solve the same problem

PatFGarrett gravatar image PatFGarrett  ( 2018-05-12 16:00:29 -0500 )edit