Kinetic Desktop Full for Zesty

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Following the official kinetic installation instructions, after running apt-get update there is no ros-kinetic-desktop-full package, or any ros-kinetic-* packages, all of them are simply ros-*, such as ros-desktop, ros-desktop-full. Additionally, none of these packages will install, with apt-get giving dependency problems. Can anyone help out?

EDIT2: Apparently Kinetic is not officially made for Zesty, whereas Lunar is. Thus my question becomes is it possible to install Kinetic on Zesty? My school's robotics club is currently using Kinetic so I'd prefer to use it if possible.

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These official instructions only list Kinetic as being supported on Xenial; not Zesty:

ahendrix gravatar image ahendrix  ( 2017-09-12 12:01:42 -0500 )edit