Two 6 DOF robots on scene

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Hello everybody/ I'm new in ros and possible my question is very stupid. But i've read huge amount of tutotials and posts on forum and still have questions. I'm really stack with my task to setup 2 6dof robot on scene, I cant figure out how to publush transform between robot base and world when each robot has it own namespace and tf_prefix. So what I have: I have two 6dof robot setup on table, camera and the box. I whant to detect box from camera and publish box's coordinates in table/world coordinate system. Each robot listen there coordinates topic and transform coordinates of the box in there own frame, then robot touch a box. What I did. I can get the position of box in camera frame and tranform it robot frame. But it transform likes robot base in the [0,0,0] world frame. So I cant publish in TF static transformation from robot base to the zero point, I run static_tranform_publisher node for that but in tf tree I can't see the root node. So my questions is: - if there some recommended way to use namespases with MoveIt and Rviz? - how could I build and set the "world" for scene from several frames.

Thanks a lot in advance and sorry if it common question. Any information about topic would be very appripricate.

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Have you gone through the tf tutorials?

jayess gravatar image jayess  ( 2017-08-14 20:00:12 -0600 )edit