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Can global parameters be used with dynamic_reconfigure?

asked 2017-08-09 08:34:43 -0500

dieg0- gravatar image

Hi everyone, when using dynamic_reconfigure, the parameters used are linked to specific nodes. For example, if there is a cfg/MyConfig.cfg file with a parameter such as gen.add('my_param', int_t,....), and this runs in node my_node, then the parameter server will have a parameter such as /my_node/my_param. Is it possible to have instead a global parameter /my_param?

Moreover, would it be possible to use that single cfg file for two (or more) nodes? That is, upon modifications of /my_param, a node, eg. my_node_1 should call certain callback cbk_1, and my_node_2 should call certain callback cbk_2.


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answered 2017-08-09 09:09:42 -0500

lucasw gravatar image

I made a script that creates a dynamic reconfigure server out of specified elements of other dr servers.

In this example there is a a control 'capture_single' and another control 'WhiteBalanceTemperature' on two different dr servers, but running dr2dr creates a new control panel with those two (and many other controls on those two servers excluded):

# [server name, server value name, type, level, description, default value, min, max]
capture_single: ["/usb_cam/image_deque", "capture_single", "bool", 1, "capture single image", False, False, True]
white_balance_temperature: ["/usb_cam/v4l2ucp_ddr", "WhiteBalanceTemperature", "int", 2, "Change camera white balance", 5000, 2800, 6500]

(I haven't tested dr2dr recently so possibly it needs some cleanup)

It wouldn't be too hard to make it support 1-to-many controls rather than just 1-to-1: you would be able to change parameters in many other dr servers from one master parameter, and changing any of those individual parameters could also get reflected across the rest.

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