How to synchronize data from four IMUS?

asked 2017-07-26 14:22:13 -0600

I have been playing around with the razor_imu_9dof package and I manage to connect four razor IMUS sensors by doing some minor modifications in the in order to write the streamed data from the sensors using razor-pub-four-imus.launch.

Well, well, I am wondering how can I synchronize the data from the four sensors. For the time being, the data is streamed and saved in files using the razor-pub-four-imus.launch. I have read that is possible to use the message filters package to use a Time_Synchronizer to create timestamps that contains their headers, and outputs of the nodes. However, it is not too obvious for me the implementation for this case. I would therefore appreciate if you have recommendations, general instructions, or if you have done or seen similar queries where I can get some inspiration and make the synchronize of four sensors work!

P.S. KristofRobot, the maintener of the razor_imu_9dof package , mentioned that it is possible to run run multiple instances of the same node to collect data from two or more sensors, using remapping for which one of the recommendations is to create a lunch file. However, the query for the synchronizations of sensors is sill remained to be answerred.

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