How to set camera to give not transparent output

asked 2017-07-25 09:19:24 -0500

kchledowski gravatar image


I am using a camera in my drone, in the gazebo environment. My .world file contains below code for it:

    <sensor name='bottom_camera_sensor' type='camera'>
      <camera name='head'>
      <plugin name='bottom_camera_controller' filename=''>
      <pose frame=''>0.15 0 0 3.14159 1.57079 3.14159</pose>

Unfortunately, the camera gives transparent output, i.e. I can see a can of beer through a table and a box, as in the image below:


I am wondering, if there is a way to change the output to non-transparent. I was using rqt_image_view, and ROS Indigo with Gazebo 7.3.0.


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