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rosserial - Arduino DUE - sync issues

asked 2017-06-26 09:06:21 -0500

jesse gravatar image

updated 2017-06-29 08:34:21 -0500

I am trying to get an Arduino DUE to work with ROS Kinetic on my machine running Ubuntu 16.04 (using the DUE programming port, although I've tried the native one too). I seem to be having issues unique to the DUE as everything seems to work perfectly fine with the exact same cone with an Ardunio Uno.

When running the code:

rosrun rosserial_python /dev/ttyACM0

I get the following error message:

[ERROR] [1498484524.793356]: Unable to sync with device; possible link problem or link software version mismatch such as hydro rosserial_python with groovy Arduino

Again using the exact same code uploaded to the Arduino Uno I do not get this error. I have tried a number of different baud rates (all from 9600 - 115200), where I found that the Uno gives the same error if it doesn't have the correct baud rate set, however, I continue to get the same message for the DUE regardless of the setting.

I have tried both my simple custom code as well as the example code provided with ros (e.g. pubsub), but have had not success. Further to force a specific baud rate I have including the following lines in setup (both individually, and alone):



Using pyserial I can connect to the DUE unlike with ROS. It appears that others have been successful using the DUE based on other questions on here, however, nothing that I have found seems to resolve my issue.

Any ideas what might resolve the issue?

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I've tried pretty much everything suggested related to arduino sync issues included in this question too:

jesse gravatar image jesse  ( 2017-06-26 10:09:49 -0500 )edit

From rosserial/ (found at ) line 432, it appears that the given Error is simply indicative of sync timing out.

jesse gravatar image jesse  ( 2017-06-26 11:45:16 -0500 )edit

Looking at It appears that you need to add:

#define _SAM3XA_

however, this does not seem to work. There's also mention something about using:

#define USE_USB

which also does not work.

jesse gravatar image jesse  ( 2017-06-29 07:48:22 -0500 )edit

1 Answer

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answered 2017-07-02 11:55:06 -0500

jesse gravatar image

I ended up finding several solutions, however, I would hope that a change to /rosserial_arduino/src/ArduinoHardware.h might make any work arounds necessary.

1 -- First solution that worked. In your version of ArduinoHardware.h in the Arduino Libraries directory change line 75 to read:

iostream = &Serial;

This works but will likely make use of other Arduino boards a problem (e.g. Leonardo)

2 -- Put the following code before including the ROS library

#define USE_USBCON

This also seems to work, however, it means that you'd have to add this in every case you use a DUE, which you might forget.

3 -- Modify the line 73 to read:

#if defined(USBCON) and !(defined(USE_USBCON)) and !(defined(_SAM3XA_))

Which I believe will resolve all previous issues, however, there might be another board released that also uses the SAM3X... processor and may be an issue in the future.

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Thanks a lot. I solved this issue by using what you said. Thanks

Rakjoon gravatar image Rakjoon  ( 2017-09-20 08:56:50 -0500 )edit

very useful

quannv gravatar image quannv  ( 2018-04-04 05:10:33 -0500 )edit

Thanks! This finally fixed my problem, after many hours of searching and trying other solutions.

jakegoldsmith gravatar image jakegoldsmith  ( 2018-04-08 08:24:11 -0500 )edit

For me, this does not seem to work. Can you provide us with the full ArduinoHardware.h file? Tried all three suggestions, but none seem to work.

R Valk gravatar image R Valk  ( 2018-10-18 06:38:03 -0500 )edit

Thanks! This helps a lot, glad I've googled the issue with "DUE" keyword.

EwingKang gravatar image EwingKang  ( 2019-03-28 04:36:11 -0500 )edit

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